Character name is...Cailean

Had two pups with his now deceased wife Glain, named Pepper and Daire. he later remaired to a australian sheppard named Amelia, and gained a stepson named Alto. they later had two pups named Marlin and Jesse


Cailean was born in Glasgow Scotland to an unamed mother and father. his parents died when he was 2 years old. he then moved to Wales where he met his first wife Glain. they moved to Dublin Ireland, where they had their first Pup in April 2015. a month later they all moved to Adventure bay, and two months later in july, they had their second pup Pepper. a year later Glain got ran over and passed away. then in 2017 cailean joined the paw patrol and later remarried to his curent wife amelia, gaining a stepson named Alto and later having two puppies with her, named Marlin and Jesse.